FOP Board

FOP BOARD 2022/2023

2022-2023 Board of Directors

President: Alisa Lippman

Vice President: Carolina Weiss

Treasurer: Kim Tjenalooi

Secretary: Susie Olsen

Principal: Kimberly Estrada

Board Member: Mandi Beimel

Board Member: Jeremy Broekman

Board Member, AIAT Liason: Jacqueline James

Board Member, MPA President: West Burghart

Fundraising Committees

HoPE Fund: Alisa Lippman

Spirit Wear: Gwen Palacios

Purchase Power: Pending

Publicity: Jeremy Broekman

Corporate Sponsorships: Carolina Weiss

Community Restaurant Nights: Heather Mayer

Community Events

Teacher Support (Welcome BreakfastHoliday LuncheonTeacher Appreciation WeekEnd of Year Luncheon):  Mandi Beimel

Book Fair: Alisa Lippman

After School Enrichment: Farnaz Simantob

Fright Night Film Fest/Spring Comedy Film Fest: Farnaz Simantob

Portola’s Got Talent: Farnaz Simantob

Career Day: Pending

Back to School Night: Jacqueline James

Open House: Jacqueline James

School Events with Suzy Miller: Earth Day, Dances, pumpkin carving, “pi” day – Pending


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